Julia Sniatynskyj



Thickness of a Bubble

 “Thickness of a Bubble” seeks to combat the over-stimulation and bombardment of external influences on one’s consciousness by advertising and media. This is done through the development of art that avoids dictatorial composition that might nullify or direct peoples’ thoughts. This experience aims to relax the viewer, allowing them to develop their own thoughts. In effect, the art becomes a medium through which the viewer can experience a meditative state.

What this work provides is a corporeal experience: the body moves physically through the designated space, and past the strategically placed canvases and mirrors. The space embodies architectural movement influences similar to that of the Baroque era. For instance, the idea of ‘seeing’ becomes central in emotional effect. Unification through form and layout of the wooden structures becomes apparent in directing a long period of engagement through anamorphic projections and scenography. These devices become paramount in choreographing spectacles of spatial experience. There is cinematic effect in succession, in terms of the construction of path and destination. The intent is to reiterate the significance of experience through the method of journey. We move in lines and journey constantly. And with journey comes contemplation, from which well up all our ideas, and where the authentic self-resides.
The entrance to the exhibition is sealed with plastic that is slit through the middle. Access to the main body of work is only attained through audience members tearing through the plastic, and stepping into the exhibition. Thus, there is a barrier that the viewing public must first breach. It is an act signifying the public’s rejection of “living in a bubble”. This is the bubble that holds together the insularity of our experiences, and keeps us trapped and vulnerable to the persuasive powers of the media. The plastic door is a feature central to the exhibition, since it is the necessary visual bloc that is encountered, especially by the first members of the viewing audience. The initial act of breaking through, fuels curiosity in the viewer, and impels one to explore further. And so, the audience, moving from a standpoint of impartiality and neutral observation, is encouraged to interact with the exhibition.




2013 April - July
Complete Advance Makeup Course, Delamar Academy, London, UK
2008 – 2012
Bachelor of Visual Art (specialisation printmaking), University of South Australia
February 2008
Tad-arre (solo exhibition), Adelaide Fringe Festival, South Australia
February 2011
The Brickhouse, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Victoria, Australia
July 2011
Tell Your Mum You’re Alive, (Installation) Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland
August 2011
There’s More To Life Than This, (performance/installation), The Queensland Art Gallery
September 2011
Out of the Gallows (solo print exhibition) Five Sisters, Brisbane, Queensland
October 2012
Thickness of a Bubble, (group show) Format Festival, Format, Adelaide, South Australia
December 2012
UniSA Graduate Exhibition, Adelaide, South Australia
February 2013
Cannon Major (installation), Lost City Music Festival, Adelaide, South Australia
February 2013
Thickness of a Bubble, SASA Gallery, UniSA, Adelaide, South Australia
2013.................................Shortlisted for International Emerging Artist Award
Media Coverage
2013 -  Publication on Delamar Academy blog 
2013 -  Publication on Emerging Artist Award website
2012 - Publication of Art in UniLife Magazine
2011 -  Publication on website for the West End Project, Brisbane
2011 -  4ZZZ Radio interview for Out of the Gallows exhibition
2008 -  exhibition print in Fringe Guide
Groups / Organisations
2016 -  Mint Artists Studio; Adelaide, Australia 
2013 - 2015 -- Makeup artist; London, United Kingdom
2012 -   UniSA Grad Show Committee, Adelaide, South Australia
2012 -  The We Eat Chalk and Cheese collective, Brisbane, Queensland
2012 -  It's Just the Weather, Adelaide, South Australia 
2011 -  The Brickhouse, Studio in Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia 
2011 -  West End Project, Brisbane, Queensland


Exhibition History

October, 2012Groupshow, Format Festival, Format, Adelaide, South Australia
September, 2011Out of the Gallows solo art exhibition at Five Sisters, Brisbane, Queensland
August, 2011There’s More To Life Than This, (performance/installation), The Queensland Art Gallery
July, 2011Tell Your Mum You’re Alive, (Installation) Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland
February, 2011The Brickhouse, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Victoria
February, 2008Tad-arre solo exhibition, Adelaide Fringe Festival